Social Responsibility

As Golden Maprix Company

❏ We care about realizing sustainable and developable social responsibility
❏ We are committed to respecting human beings and the environment in all
geographies where we are and will be active. We plan and execute our works
with the determination of zero harm to nature.

❏ We certify all our products, especially dried fruits; by ensuring that they
comply with international standards in terms of food safety, appropriate
hygiene conditions and customer satisfaction.
❏ We ensure that the level of customer satisfaction, demands and expectations
are met by continuous measurements. We aim to go beyond these demands
and expectations with the sensitivity of “customer satisfaction”
❏ 5. By adopting honesty, reliability and determination as our basic principle in
foreign trade, we act with the consciousness of “only sell the product which
you want to see on your table to your customers”.
❏ Believing that unshared value, knowledge and earnings will not ultimately
provide added value to the industrialists, we set our ultimate goal in every
project as social development.
❏ We strive to have happy stakeholders from our suppliers to NGOs, from our
employees to our end customers, and we take care that all our stakeholders
work in harmony with our corporate social responsibility policies.
❏ Within the framework of our planning, we encourage all our employees to
become volunteers in social activities, especially in the fields of health and
education, in accordance with the corporate culture.

❏ We believe that all our employees have the right to work in a healthy and
safe environment. Therefore we ensure occupational health and safety in all
our working environments in line with our health and safety policies.
❏ We believe in the efficiency of teamwork, and by creating a positive work
environment we ensure that people with all kinds of beliefs, thoughts and
opinions work in a harmonious environment.
❏ We believe in the importance of education and the necessity of organizational
lifelong learning, and we support all our employees to continue their higher
education lives.

❏ . We follow new developments in the field of agriculture and food all around
the world with our close contact R & D studies conducted with our universities
and we keep our vision and production techniques up to date every period.

❏ We believe in the importance of sustainable agriculture and agriculture-based
industry, and we carry out our activities with this vision. First of all, we
evaluate the agricultural products grown in our region and in our country, we
create and implement projects for the development of our farmers.
❏ We closely follow the innovations in packing types and present to our
customers. In addition, contacting bilateral relations with our customers, we
provide packing service according to their requests.

❏ Our Sustainability Vision;For future generations to live in a livable world and
in prosperity; to ensure sustainable development by taking our strength from
the soil and without harming nature to increase our social benefit to future