Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Your credit card number is encrypted by our online credit card application and forwarded to your bank and never shared or stored with third parties.


Payment with 3D Secure


What is 3D Secure?

It is a system developed to improve the security of purchases made over the Internet by credit and debit card. With these ‘secure virtual shopping’ solutions developed by Visa and MasterCard, both cardholders and member businesses are secured against fraud. Online purchases from virtual businesses with Verified by Visa and MasterCard


Why is 3D Secure Safe?

In the 3D secure system, when the virtual payment process takes place, the cardholder is asked by the bank for the payment password known only to him and the cardholder is authenticed. Unauthorized persons are prevented from using their cards online.


How does 3D Secure Work?

The card holder registers his/her card with his/her bank through internet banking. A password attached to the card and a security question – defines the answer. The card holder makes purchases in the system-compatible virtual workplace and goes to the payment section.


A pop-up screen pops up in front of the cardholder asking for the transaction password and personal security message by the bank.


The card holder continues the process by entering the password. When the password is confirmed by the bank, the transaction is completed.


3D Secure Decryption and Usage

If you have not previously received a 3D secure password, you must create your 3D secure password when you enter the Golden Maprix Virtual Market to make purchases.


If you do not have a 3D secure password, when you start creating your order and get to the payment screen, you enter your credit card information and press the Finish Order button, and then the 3D secure section is opened just below your card information. You need to create a password with the help of the Activate button by entering the desired information in the 3D secure section that opens on your screen. After you set your password on the next screen to open, your 3D secure decryption process is completed.


If you have a 3D secure password, the 3D secure password window opens when you start creating your order and enter your credit card information when you get to the payment screen, and then press the Finish Order button. You can end your order by entering your password in the relevant section.