Legal Consulting



Any form of growth carries an element of opportunity and risk. Global companies become successful only when they learn to recognise opportunities and manage risks in a foreign environment. In this process it is important to know and take account of the special aspects of international law.



Our experience is the cornerstone of comprehensive international legal consulting. The mission of the international legal consulting services of Golden Maprix is to assist companies in seizing opportunities and managing risks tied to their expansion across borders. Golden Maprix specialists will guide you through the maze of international law in a variety of transactions ranging from the drafting of contracts to business acquisitions.


Golden Maprix offers consultancy services especially in commercial law applications and company restructuring projects with our dynamic and experienced team closely following current legislative changes in Turkey.

  • Company restructuring projects
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Demergers and partial demergers
  • Capital Reduction
  • Company type changes and liquidation
  • Establishment of company, branch, liaison offices
  • General Assembly organizations
  • Tax Litigation
  • Tax Law Consultancy
  • Contract law
  • Contract reviews
  • Corporate Management Consultancy
  • Legal Review and Reporting Services