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Golden Maprix is a sub company of MAGIM Group of Companies for international trade. As Golden Maprix we aim to introduce selected Turkish fresh and dried fruit to undiscovered markets and export Malatya’s finest apricots to the world.

MAGIM Group of Companies was established in 1976 with an entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible visionary spirit. It offers services and structures for the needs of people, improves the quality of life and constantly improves itself.

Having started its activities in the construction sector;  MAGIM has become a Group of Companies by adding marketing, wholesale, meat, project areas in a short time. Over the years, MAGIM has carried out many different projects from infrastructure works to turnkey housing and shopping centers, super markets, domestic production livestock facilities. While MAGIM provides employment to approximately 5000 employees with its technical and administrative staff of more than 750 today, its growing capital contributes greatly to the national economy with the sectors in which the company operates. This rapid growth in a short time has turned into stability and MAGIM has taken its place among the respected and reliable organizations of their sectors.

And now we aim to expand our trade volume in the international trade area with our sub company Golden Maprix.

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